Autonomous, Emotional and Caring ... And so what? 

The art and the way of combining this visceral need of freedom, this strong desire to share oneself, to engage oneself ... let's be sufficiently creative and go beyond this constant fear of going round in circles! .. and of losing this precious substance, this sweet madness that makes our daily a real delight! 

Let's welcome the other in this space of personal fulfilment. 

Let's share our innate sense of creation and let's motivate our little butterflies who gently titillate the lower belly when a new idea maliciously tip the tip our minds .... always on the alert! 

 The field of possibilities gives this fluidity, this creativity and this spontaneity that gives so much energy... sexual as well... It's part of us! 

An infinity of possible paths, of course in uncertainty, but rich in the experience of passion, joy, exhultation of mind, body and the pleasure of discovery.