a social phenomenon that we are all called to experience at different moments of our lives and that we approach differently, depending on our personal inner resources.

The word has become commonplace in itself ... with most often negative connotations.

Daily life

We can live a usual daily situation, such as being delayed due to traffic jams, feeling anxiety up, imagining the worst consequences caused by this delay,

or accept and wait: anyway what can we change about it? (unless you have a flying car ......)


The level of stress we feel at that time will then depend on several factors:

- Our personality: passive or reactive?

- The ability of the moment: if we are a little or a lot tired, our tolerance for such events is different;

- Our personal resources: we have or not the ability to take the necessary emotional distance, to relativize a situation on which we depend;

- Our luggage, our experiences, that will echo a situation already experienced and trigger or not a stress effect;

- Our interpretation, our beliefs, which can condition our responses, and make us live the same reactions, again, and again.

Stress is a global process that each of us lives differently based on our history, our resources and our values.

Sophrology will help us at three stages.

The first will identify our personal sources of stress; we will learn how to manage the physical and psychological tensions and emotions.

The second will teach us, once this first work has been done, to prevent these stressed situations and to strengthen our resources.

The latter will allow us to enhance our ability to adapt, to better live daily situations, or more exceptional ones; to develop our confidence.