Originally from Bordeaux, I arrived in Luxembourg in the late 80`s. I first worked in the field of Corporate Administration during 10 years, and then oriented myself to the Human Resources sector.

As HR Manager in banking, this activity led me to think about new perspectives to be offered to both companies and individuals in order to improve and to give to our professional and personal life a positive and constructive outlook and to preserve our health capital.

Sophrology entered into my life early 2000. I was certified in 2005 at IEST Luxembourg. I then followed one specialization into "Human Resources and Sophrology at work" . I am an active member of the Chambre Syndicale de Sophrologie.

I am as well a  certified training provider.

Also specialized in training of Business French - cultural and professional codes: Administrative, Economic, Commercial and Negotiation fields.

All these practices give me a 360° perception of the world  to understand the different environments in which I am called to be, to help everyone to find and develop his life path and to bring my little stone to this extraordinary adventure which is Life.

Passion, enthusiasm and professionalism are fundamental keys of both my professional and personal life. As an extravert and positive person, I deeply appreciate active communication that I used on a daily basis during my work experiences. As an HR Manager, one of my main objectives was to reveal potentials and talents, using my listening skills and my ability to enlighten their competencies.

It is always part of my prerogatives today.

I am deeply convinced that everyone owns some wealth and some creativity; which are not often activated spontaneously.

Today I am currently working on this essential task, dedicating my energy and my technical abilities to assist people needing a human and professional support to activate, to develop these resources. To this end, I also use my professional experience in the field of Human Resources, and combining it with training and sophrology coaching practices to give answers to the specific needs of companies and individuals.

I invite you to consult my group and individual trainings on https://www.lifelong-learning.lu/Formateur/cap-sur-la-sophrologie-hr-consulting-training-coaching/fr  or to contact me directly to talk about your needs, https://www.capsurlasophrologie.lu/contact-us/

Christine Klein Bodet

Company Director - HR Consulting, Authorized Training Provider, Coaching