To boost motivation. To Improve our life balance.

Sophrology is a tool to discover and develop your own resources, thrive and improve your quality of life

You manage your emotions to find your personal life balance while maintaining your values.

It is a technique that you can practice every day, sitting, standing or lying down, at home, in the office, without the need for a particular environment or special clothing.

Sophrology is open to all, from children to adults.

Sponsor and coaching for career / life transition

Crisis coaching

Post-crisis Stress / Decompensation / BurnOut - spot the warning signs and learn to manage them:

Support coaching

Sponsor program for professional stress / outplacement (dismissal, transition, relocation, etc)

Transition coaching

Sponsor program for personal stress (mourning, divorce, children, etc):

Tailor-made program according to needs and requests .

Wellness Coaching

Method “Lire En Soi” - Personal Development - Individual Process of Evolution

This method brings us back to our deepest nature: our psychosocial, psycho-affective modes of functioning.

For an understanding of oneself and the solutions given to realize our life, our aspirations. 

This method gives us tools about our blockages, and leads us to understand and to resolve our internal conflicts, to better understand our social and affective life.

In this respect, it is perfectly complementary to the activities of Sophrology at Work and HR Consulting, on their personal development acpects, as it allows a targeted work, according to our needs of the moment, using our personal resources.


#Phobias (emptiness, plane, driving, verbal communication, etc)

Chronic physical #pain and fatigue

#Addictive behaviors: food; alcohol and others

#Sleep disturbances

Specific Trainings

Coaching on sophrology items - # Custom programs upon requests

Sophrologist practitioner - Program upon request

Training & Consulting

Expatriate and International Resident Collaborators

Global Integration Program

→ Certified Trainings. FLE A1-B2 / C1-C2: - Targeted Business French courses on administrative, economic, trade and negotiation, daily life items upon request.

→ Administrative Supports - Administration de l’Emploi, Centre Commun Sécurité Sociale, Administration des Contributions, et other Administrations:

# files preparation, #follow-up and #contacts with the Administrations

→ Coaching in all school levels support, tutoring combining academic preparation and psychological support (stress, lack of confidence, etc)

The method is to combine the preparations and academic supports, so that the person works the relevant subjects in real time, togehter with a personal support allowing to learn how to better manage stress (exams, oral presentations, communication) and / or the lack of confidence that these situations can generate.

Thus during the course sessions, the person will develop his/her potentials and talents, while installing a strategy of success for the project, when working on the subjects of the program.

Transitions / Career sponsor and coaching

Program #professional stress phases # Dismissal, #Transfer #CarrierStrategy

#Changes #Motivation #StressManagement


At our office - At your premises 

Possibility to fix the appointment by e-mail,  or by phone, +352 691 480 906.

Important: Some French & Luxembourg insurances can cover reimbursements for Sophrology sessions.

I invite you to visit the website of the Chambre Syndicale de la Sophrologie which informs about the French insurances which offer this reimbursement. and to contact your insurance in Luxembourg.

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