Live and act better at work

Cap sur la Sophrologie S.à rl aims at Human Resources Coaching, associated or not with the practice of Sophrology at Work, depending on cases and needs; teams and individuals are monitored with a support which is both human and professional, in order  to develop talents, potentials. New perspectives are offered through an approach that combines several techniques and specific tools totally adapted to our daily life.

To do so, the expertise in the Management in Human Resources and the technical skills in HR Coaching and Sophrology at Work are associated.

Cap sur la Sophrologie S.à rl® proposes a methodology applicable on a daily basis, which combines an academic support, adapted to the professional environment, so that the solutions and tools are applied in real time, and a personal / group accompaniment allowing to learn how to better manage the problems identified according to the given situations.

Thus during the courses / sessions, everybody express, develop their potentials and their own talents; a strategy of success of the project is settled, while working on the objectives which concern the established program.

The pedagogy used allows a monitoring on the project as a whole and its realization.

Some Applications

  • Certified Trainings. Business French: administrative, economic, trade and negotiation areas - Level from A1 to B2.
  • Work-related psychosocial risks – Management & Prevention
  • Competences Assessment
  • New professional orientation
  • Interviews (evaluations, internal transfers, internal communications, etc.)
  • Flexibility, mobility – Adaptability reinforcement
  • Performances – How to use our potentials
  • Change management - Mergers; Internal reorganizations
  • Group cohesion – Qualitative productivity

Workshop exemple

How to reduce stress symptoms in daily activities®

To learn how to manage:

  • Stress picks
  • Concentration/Confidence problems
  • Eye Strain
  • How to begin/to end my day?


They are held on specific themes, in French, in English, after one preliminary interview to define the needs of your company; in groups which are defined by the company.

Workshops take place in the company premises, according to a dedicated program to each company. Possibility of one-to-one sessions depending on identified needs.

I am an accredited training provider. This allows the private sector to obtain financial support for the trainings of a value of 20% (taxable) of the annual amount invested in my training, as well as the financial contribution of the State which goes up to 35 % (taxable) for the salary expenses of the participants.

Prices: upon quotation.

I am available for contact.