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Experience, Creativity, Passion, Enthusiasm. 

Based on solid HR Management & Coaching experiences, we design and deliver professional new tools to both companies and individuals to improve and to give to professional and private life a positive and constructive outlook.

By combining direct training and targeted team & individual coaching, we propose French & English tailor-made programs dedicated to provide a complete perception of individual resources and competences.


Activating personal resources

Developing individuals' competences and skills

The team-resources are thus boosted

3 activities

Targeted Coaching – Sophrology at Work                                                                                                                                        

Direct Training - Global Integration Program International Resident Collaborators                                                                                                

HR Consulting - Carrier Transitions & Administrative Supports 

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3 complementary activities = a 360° perception of individual resources and competences.

Everyone has talents and creativity that must be spontaneously stimulated for meaningful goals to be fulfilled.

Who are we?

CAP is a complementary team driven by the founding partner Christine Klein Bodet and her associated collaborators who propose to you dedicated and goal-oriented missions.

Everybody can Better Live and Act at Work Together.

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