Faster and faster

We live in an environment where everything has to go faster and faster. We must constantly adapt to an agenda that is increasingly loaded, to be available at home, in our work, in our social life.

When fatigue shows up,

it can be physical, "tonight, it's decided, I go to my fitness classes!” Once in the course, the body recalls you the day spent running here and there: "I cannot make more .. just a little extra effort, the course is over in 10 minutes ... But what is this pain I feel? Yet, I do not think I have so exaggerated!.... "

It can also be nervous, "Gosh! I again and again forgot to buy some bread!" There, our brain warns us about our state of fatigue: "I really have nothing in my head, it's not possible!" Too much stress during the day; family problems, worries at work, and everything must be set to the same time.

Fatigue can be also psychological. " Gosh, there I understood nothing! I quietly watched my favorite show at TV, as every Thursday, and then I started crying like a baby!"

In this case, the environment in which we live, the choices, sometimes difficult, that we need to make, the conflicts that we experience, are depleting our energy.

How can then Sophrology help us?

  • Regulate sleep and energy levels
  • Reinforce self-awareness
  • Recover our serenity, our desires
  • Improve our self-confidence
  • Develop our joy of living
  • Improve our memory and concentration