Acceptance - Release - Identity

Let's drop the masks, the cuiraces and other false pretenses.

Let us determine what we want to reveal freely and without constraints, because we decide to open ourselves to the world, free from our fear of uncertainty.
Let us imagine for a moment, closing our eyes, the ropes stretched between us and all the things, people, on whom we think we have control.
We feel little by little that these strings distend and that our loss of control release itself

Tensions are gradually disappearing.

Let us be surprised by ourselves.

It is not necessary to accomplish great deeds to be accepted, recognized, integrated, loved!

Let us observe the things of our daily life that define us and that we could share naturally. It's already a good start ...

... and grow our garden, in proportions equal to those of our neighbors, without imagining that what we keep there, sheltered from the eyes, will develop without regular watering.

Our need to feel a certain level of control makes us more uncertain, unhappy ... and is often perceived as a tendency to domination, endowed with a certain insensitivity.