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Environment and competitiveness in a changing world: management adaptation is recurrent.

The HR Manager competence is to develop the skills, talents and resources of its employees and colleagues.

Sophrologie At Work offers new opportunities

for companies and individuals to develop a quality of work life for better productivity, and to preserve the health capital.

Sophrologie At Work helps to develop the potential of each person in different subjects that are part of daily business life:

Motivation and Performance: meet business requirements, adaptation to company's requests and use of personal resources to better results;
Understand and manage absenteeism: address this issue both at individual and collective levels. Everyone can then position themselves in their own history and personal approach;
Cohesion and mobility within the group: managing conflicts through communication: active listening, exchanges; taking the distance from a blocking position; with a view "helicopter" of the situation by collecting all the elements of the situation on both sides;
Team spirit strengthened, better productivity: stress, priorities and deadlines management; incorporating the concepts of flexibility, mobility; understanding and achieving the required objectives.
Loyalty of staff: be positive towards changes; development of creativity; enhance motivation; find our place in society.
Annual appraisals: relaxing, taking some distance and get ready for the interview, for both appraiser and appraisee. This work is done upstream, some weeks before the interview, to allow each person to prepare himself for this important annual discussion.

Sophrologie At Work supports each company on a specific project to achieve the targeted goals. The needs and objectives are defined beforehand. Group sessions are organized into groups defined by the company and within its premises, offering a personalized approach on the topics dedicated to group sessions. Individual sessions can also be arranged upon request.