Burn-Out - News

Managing 2, 3 lives in one single day. On a daily schedule. The life of many people today. The limits of resistance are always pushed a little further each day.

 Few selected pieces of our daily life

".. I can still do a washing machine before going to bed .. like that, I can handle it tomorrow morning before the kids get up .. and while they eat breakfast, I vacuum in their rooms .. and then, I make the dishwasher while they take their shower... and then ... gosh! I have no more time for myself before putting them in school .. too bad ... … I will just get dressed quickly and tonight I will take a little time for me .. and I'll do my makeup in the car at the first stoplight .. oh yes! I must not forget to buy some bread at lunch .. I will just take 15 minutes for 1 sandwich .. "

"Okay .. Today I have five appointments internally ... I must finish this report before noon ... I'm sick of that phone ringing all the time! ... I have to go for lunch ... I'll have to cancel it.. too much work ... a sandwich while continuing to work .. sorry! I am eating, I cannot answer the phone at the same time! ... now, back to the report ... oh! I miss information to finish it... and all those emails coming in ... I cannot read them all at the same time!! ... gym tonight, I must forget .. too much work still to be finished ...... .. too much tired. "

Sophrology offers a detailed menu according to your needs.

  • Detect warning signs (physical, psychological)
  • Manage stress: improve ability to cope with priorities
  • Communicate about problems
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Learn to listen, to respect your rhythms
  •  Gain respect from the others
  • Manage and understand emotions
  • Respect your personal values

Sophrology will assist you in your professional and private life to enable you to perform your daily tasks using the best of your resources, with a better focused mind and body full of good energy.

Sophrology meets the specific needs in a personalized-made program with a preliminary interview, as part of a business project or a private request.