Confidence - Communication - Intuition

Let us concentrate on learning rather than on performance and success at any price.

Here we are... Let’s concentrate on the efforts that have been made, goodwill on a project ... whatever the outcome, and let’s focus on discoveries and lessons learned: elements that help to maintain our self-esteem well nourished and helps us to develop our adaptability.

To say thank you to life, to recognize the chance that we have, to express gratitude to oneself, to others, these are some simple examples to communicate on our experiences, on ourselves. Exchanging, sharing, animating emotions that nourish our expectations and make us more optimistic about our prospects and make us a pleasant company!

Genius, my good genius, where are you?

Let’s listen the good advice that we deserve, this famous "little voice" present in us since our childhood, to whom, then, we spoke aloud, like a friend. Let’s come back to our internal conversations. What name would you give this good friend?

Let's broaden our gaze to take advantage of this beautiful intuitive ability!