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Career Transition

The career transition, following a personal decision or the loss of employment, is a period of mutation, which can be grueling and demeaning to some of us.

Giving new meaning to our life, when we are inactive professionally, can become a real challenge:

to manage how the family deals with this change, how are we considered by the social and professional actors; to feel guilty, ashamed; experiencing difficulties to find our "new" place in our family, in our social circle.

Our self-esteem and confidence may also be affected: daily fear of being stigmatized systematically as "unemployed"; guilty of "having free time"; the shame of being the only one to stay home when others will all go to work

 How can then Sophrology assist us?

To understand, accept the loss of a job (doing our "mourning"); To manage the associated emotions and behaviours (fear of the future, self-deprecation, social shame, discouragement; isolation; loss daily benchmarks; sleep problems); to talk, to share our experience with others; to make emerge, to develop our potential, our talents to:

  • Find and / or consolidate confidence, motivation for seeking a new job, a new career guidance
  • Prepare physically and mentally for a job interview
  • Position towards the professional world (where is my place?)
  • Learning to relax
  • Take the necessary emotional distance
  • Find a restful sleep
  • Activate our motivation
  • Develop our confidence
  • Strengthen our self-esteem
  • Find our creativity
  • Generate positive perspectives

Sophrology activates our inner capacities and resources. It helps us to manage our emotions, to find our balance in life while respecting our values.

Sophrology supports us in our daily life and in our daily actions.