Children, Teenagers and School

Childhood, adolescence are periods during which courses, homework and school examinations ... are part of everyday life.

Magic periods for some of them, for others, not at all. Some enjoy learning new things every day, to be proud to know new "stuff" and for others, school is lived as a burden, an obligation, they resign themselves "because there is no other choice."

The physical and mental resources are stretched to the limit! The memory is pressed like a beautiful ripe lemon, the concentration is mobilized every day ... and maybe every night for some.

Quick Tips

Some multisensory stimulation techniques for children (games), some works on motivation, confidence, at physical and psychological levels for teenagers are part of the toolbox of Sophrology.

Learn some "relaxation tricks" that can be used anywhere, even at school (!), when we feel it necessary.

Adapted Techniques

These techniques are studied based on the personality of the child, of the adolescent.

They are then adapted and used to give meaning to learning, to reinforce motivation, to give confidence in education.

 Sophrology will then propose to you to

- Encourage teenagers’ interest, Develop the awakening of children

- Improve concentration during classes and exams

- Reinforce good conditions for exams: to be prepared for the "D" day, strengthen our confidence in our abilities, work on our memory

- Improve sleep to get better conditions of revisions, better work in classes, manage stress  during exams

- Relieve body tensions, generating greater mental serenity