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So what happens while we sleep?

- Our neurons take a shower: the brain regenerates and toxins are eliminated during rest.

- Each of us has its own chronobiology (waking / sleeping phases): each has its own rhythm over 24 hours (in our DNA).

The essential ? Regularity and quality of sleep.

One sleep cycle = 90 min or 1 hour 30 min

- “Souvenirs, Souvenirs”: every information received during the day is processed, stored, or not (selection process), on our hard disk.

- Emotions, our best friends: the tensions and other negative thoughts accumulated during the day are invited to disappear, thus leaving all the space necessary for a natural and empathic control of our emotions.

- Our biological balance (Homeostasis): the rhythm of the organs is slowed down for a well-deserved rest. Nighttime hormones go into action. (Melatonin_Sleep, Somatropin_Growth_Brain stimulation)