Sleep - Sophrology

"A good night sleep is prepared throughout the day"

Progress in neurosciences give us important information allowing us to deepen better targeted support.

Sophrology to sleep better©

Why? What I do during the day impacts my night sleep  

How does my bad sleep affect my professional and/or my personal relationships? 

Do I have inability to focus and concentrate?

What about my performance at work?


Chronobiological clock                                                                                               

Which resources can I use for better quality of sleep?
Am I a Rooster or an Owl? What is my natural rhythm?


My personal biological balance: fatigue (sleep) / stress (return to calm)

The time synchronizers, part of our everyday life. (light, food, etc)

Pressures of the day :

- which brain waves to work on?

- what are the hormones to be regulated?

All these information are collected during a first appointment and used in tailor-made exercises.

Sophrological tools to improve our wellbeing and quality of work.

Learning "tips and tricks" to practice in your everyday life, anywhere, anytime, whenever needed.

One tip: the flash nap. When? Several times during the day                                                                

Micro Breaks - 1 to 5 minutes – Very short breaks during the day
When needed. Easy to set up in your office.

Make a real difference to your energy levels.

Re-boost the machine during the day .

Good & short disconnection from the everyday rhythm

Sleep phases on which Sophrology can intervene

Falling asleep; Insomnia; Time changes: seasonal, jetlags.